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My Story

I was born in the Midwestern United States and grew up in southern Africa. Medicine is my career; writing has been a lifelong passion. This novel is my first book.

Piles of Books

Six-year-old Sage tumbles off the rooftop of her wealthy family’s four-story Boston townhouse to the cobblestone sidewalk below, and someone has silenced the person who pushed her. 

At first, Sage’s parents and two brothers are appropriately devastated, but they quickly move on while Dr. Tamara Archer, the African-American pediatric emergency room physician who tries to save Sage, inexplicably falls apart. 

Detective Paolo Thorne, who is Italian-American, has demons of his own, but his machismo covers a self-doubt regarding his capability to untangle the ever-twisting threads of the crime. 

Who is telling the truth? And who is lying, willing to say or do anything to protect the perpetrator? 

That which lies at the heart of the crime is devastatingly simple but leaves emotional chaos and blood in its wake. 

What Paolo discovers about it nobody sees coming.



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