Who is Tino Blyth?

Hello, friend!

I'm the person above, in the most comfortable sweatshirt ever created! This is probably the one of the few photos in existence that have me in anything other than preppy clothes.

Welcome to my blog, or rather, a place I can just shoot the breeze with you, my reader friends.

First, a few words that I use to define myself:

- Writer (why you're here, most likely)

- Creative (indie author extraordinaire, Joanna Penn, coined this great moniker. Check out her podcast)

- Storyteller (is this title that different from "writer"? I believe so. I'll get into the difference in a later blog)

- Doctor (yes, I'm also one of those)

The reason for this blog? I wrote a book. Started it in November 2017 and finished it in February 2018.

In this blog, I'll be telling you the story of my book's journey, dropping in tidbits about the characters, my inspirations, and my hopes and dreams for the book. It's very close to my heart, and I hope to share it with you someday soon...

If you'd like to follow me on social media, I'm most active on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Twitter (the former is more fun, so I spend more time there). The links are on the main page of this website of mine.

Thanks for checking in, friend. Hope you stick around :)

- Tino